September 2020

Max & Ruby Live - Mississauga Drive In Performance 

August 2020

Vibrant Brampton - Breakaway Entertainment Mixed Program

Pinkfong Babyshark Live and Max & Ruby - Ottawa Live Nation Performance

July 2020

Sebastian Hirtenstein Creative Session Show Workshop

June 2020

Come Alive GL Berg Concept Video

April 2020

Virtual Concert feature Adam Martino & Augusta Ray - Presented by the National Arts Council

September 2019 - April 2020

Carnival Entertainment - Carnival Fantasy - Country Road

Carnival Entertainment - Carnival Fantasy - The Brits

Carnival Entertainment - Carnival Fantasy - Motor City 

March 2020

Mobile Ballet - Mixed Program

December 2019

Breakaway Entertainment's 'Tales Of A Cocktail' Alumnae Theatre Toronto

Carnival Entertainment's Carnival Fantasy Christmas Spectacular (Adage Ballet - Choreography/Performance) 

August 2019 

Brampton Baptist Ballet - Performance Gala

July 2019

Koba Entertainment's PinkFong BabyShark North American Tour

Breakaway Entertainment's 'Tales Of A Cocktail' 

*Residency with Interactive Entertainment Toronto*

*Artistic Director of Breakaway Entertainment*

Creative Director/Producer 

Ongoing Creations 

'Anatomy of A Dancer - Gene Kelly' - A Breakaway Entertainment Production - Date: 2018

'Tales of The Cocktail' - A Breakaway Entertainment Production - Date: 2019

'In Transit' - A Von Hunt/ Breakaway Entertainment Production - Date: 2020

'Alan Watts' Dance Short Film Series - Breakaway Entertainment - Date: 2020

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